What you have

There are something that we all easily keep mugging up or listens from Child’s teacher or experience yourself. Child is very Hyperactive, Child’s Concentration is weak, Child Lacks Confidence, Child Lack self-initiatives, Child is Stubborn, Child Misbehaves, Child Runs from Studies, Child is Addicted to digital things etc etc etc. And as Parent of Child you become highly thoughtful when such things are heard. You consider all these as “PROBLEMS”. You search YOUTUBE, GOOGLE or consult adults or psychiatrists for solution of these “PROBLEMS”. But eventually some things helps and some don’t.

Considering these things as Problems, is something you term as “PROBLEMS”. THESE ARE NOT PROBLEMS. These are some behaviour attributes, attitudes, interest, self development issues which just needs SOME TRICKS to modify. There are Some ways by which we can just handle and raise the child in such easier way that these so called Problems will vanish. With the Help of Your HALF HOUR A DAY with Your Child & some PANCH-TATVA MUSIC (way & when will be shared to listen) will bring the POSITIVE MIRACLES OF YOUR CHILD.

1. Lack Of Concentration:

Concentration is considered as the most important traits for achieving and sustaining anything in life. Concentration doesn’t mean to meditate or focus on particular object. It simply means to enjoy and be in the moment you are doing something. Fully concentrate on that particular thing rather than trying too much multi-tasking. The lack of concentration may not seem but is the main reason behind each child’s loss of interest in many fields. Lack of Concentration can make a child too much confused or disinterested in everything they do.. Too many things at a moment, in your child’s mind is the reason of failing or being just average in many fields. So much multi-tasking is making Child Confused. Lack of Concentration lead to Many Confusions even when the path is clear.

2. Lack of Confidence

Feelings of Confidence along with true-positive self esteem is the major reason of how to you act & think, what success you get in life & most importantly how you interact & feel about others. The attitude and behavior of Parent is very important towards your child’s feeling and activities. Many times children having lack of confidence faces silly mistakes, bothered for so many things, most of the time get deprived of choosing the correct path & are hesitant. Lack of confidence usually makes child adolescent.

3. Disobidience-Misbehaviour - (Stubborness & Obstinacy)

Children not listening to parents are a common trait. You can give them as much threats as you want, but sooner all gets back to normal, they will behave in same manner. Learning to communicate and manage frustration is part of growing up. But some children don’t master those skills. Their frequent Outburst in angry and aggressive behaviors interfere with family life, making friends or school performance make their way of surviving difficult. The easiest way we as parent choose to handle disobedience & misbehavior or any behavior which is not as per our desires is SCOLDING, SHOUTING & SLAPPING. But it is not a solution, because as soon the things are normal, they get back to the same behavior. The more you give what they want, you don’t hold child accountable for things, you don’t act to your child obstinacy, you bargain a lot with child etc are the main reasons for this trait.

4. Fear of failure – Relationship Constraints

Parents are the First Unknown Person for a Child to whom they Fall In Love. They Look for all their emotions, desires & most importantly their Life. At one stage of their childhood relationship with Parents is Everything they have. How it turns out is both Parent’s output. Seeing the Parents fight is the first Failure Child sees in their life. A failed happiness is what builds their mind move towards solitude, easily giving UP & Disbelief in RELATIONSHIP. The more you don’t talk or spend time with the child the more Contraints and Feel for failure develops. Simply think does a child bothers which type of house you have, which items you take for cooking or how much time do you spend in office? They simply want Face to Face interaction with YOU. The more deprived they are “THE MORE LONELY THEY GET”, and they GET INVOLVED in all sorts of things like Digital Addiction restraining themselves from any sort of Relationship and being in themselves because they feel it is not worth trying or feel for failure.

5. Anxiety- Lonliness- Stress – And many more

If you can’t give time and freeness at same time to your kids, they are gonna reply back in a manner you will feel miserable. The main reason found in many studies for Children to cope these traits are:-

1. Most Parents want their Child to Achieve what they were either deprived of OR was not capable to achieve.
2. Most Parents want to make their Child live in same atrocities in bit of modified way as they have grown up in.. They don’t understant the World Has Changed A Lot, so are the Ways.
3. Parents not having Quality Time with Child. If you don’t give time to them when they require, they either get prone to these traits
4. Improper Eating & Sleeping habbits of Child.
5. Parents Need to Understand they are dealing with another human being which is their love and responsibility rather than believing Child is Robot & follow all their wishes.

6. Many other Common Issues

As a Parent You are always focussed on your Child’s Success & their achievements. But You majorly forget to train your Child for Failures or Losses. A Tree is never always green, it sheds leaf,.The river also dries UP, It is neither always Day nor always Night. We have to Prepeare our Child for both end of Life’s.

7. What Does this all Result to

There are many unsaid results reported in news & other forums for the traits observed in child.

What you will achieve

Parents You have the Best Way to Help Your Child. And We here Here Will Give you tricks that can Really Make Your Child Achieve all the Happiness & JOY which produces the Positive Attributes all Around Them. With the help of Panchatatve Music, Panchatava Guidance & the Tricks will make You guide your child and help them to conquer all that is testing You. However one thing is most important to Understand That JOY is the ultimate truth for being in STATE of Happiness in all that is desired to be achieved.



Emotions Emotions are considered as the natural feeling that is present in everyone. Your emotions are majorly the output of our dominant Thoughts however they still cannot be conjured at will but can arise as attitude or response to a situation, person, things etc. People don’t need to be at mercy of emotions, they need to use them to dominate Emotions. Mostly People try to hide the Positive emotions, but their negative emotions gets displayed easily. Every Emotions make us human, even the negative ones, Don’t Lock Them. If you ignore them they turn out louder and angrier. We need to understand very simple thing, emotion changes with thoughts, but more importantly it changes our Life.
The correct Understanding of Emotion is Very important to overcome them or make positive emotions ever persisting in our life. We have to let Positive Emotions outnumber Negative Ones. As it is human tendency to get attracted towards Negative more than Positive, we need to get rid of Negative Options which are drilling us deep & dragging down so easily.
Let us concentrate of Different Positive Emotions & few negative Emotions to Understand how to tackle different Emotions as everyone wants to stay in EMOTION of JOY.